Casa Verde Golf & Landscape

Casa Verde has been a fixture in the turf, landscape, and tree care industry for the past 37 years at golf course properties across the nation.  Our roots are in the development, maintenance, and operation of award-winning golf courses, and golf course communities. Casa Verde has carefully built a reputation of meeting the needs and expectations of developers, members, clients, and community managers from coast to coast

When we are asked about our success, we can generally refer to several key beliefs that have aided us...

  • A strong belief that proper landscape maintenance can create a sense of pride for any community.  We believe that well-executed landscape maintenance can make any community a more enjoyable place for residents to live, and their visitors to admire.
  • An understanding that community landscape can be very influential in both new home sales, and existing home resale values.
  • Our development of some of the most comprehensive and detailed standards in the industry.  These are some of the same standards that have helped our golf courses win awards across the nation.
  • We believe in sustainability.  We try to use the latest “green” technology and eco-friendly maintenance practices.
  • Constant dedication to efficiency and productivity.  We work with each community team to ensure that budgets are delivered, year after year.
  • We have an appreciation for the tranquility and soothing effect that healthy, well-maintained landscape has on a community in general.

Casa Verde understands the value of landscape maintenance within communities of all shapes and sizes. We are dedicated to providing the type of service and attention to detail that help homeowners, developers, and community managers exceed all of their goals and expectations.

Casa Verde is licensed, insured, and bonded